Friday, 18 October 2013

Week 3 - Where do people volunteer?

Say cheese!
This week the team looked at the organisations that use volunteers, and they took to the streets to snap various volunteer-involving organisations which they then sorted into 3 categories - voluntary, private, and statutory...

...but we'll leave you to guess which one's which! ;)

 The team worked really hard this week completing some of the written work for the course. The Creative Learning tutors have done a great job simplifying the course questions, and the candidate's diaries are colourful and interesting, which makes the school work slightly less difficult on the brain. Hey, no-one said they wouldn't have to do a teeny bit of work for their qualification!

One of the highlights of this week was Fergus's photography talk. In the coming weeks the volunteers will be supporting Fergus to deliver photography/art sessions as part of the Creative Communities programme. To give them some background to the activities he's planned, Fergus spoke about the idea of the camera obscura - for more info why not pop along to the Torry pop-up event on Saturday 19th October?

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