Monday, 16 December 2013

Weeks 10 & 11 - The Finale

Hello and welcome to the final blog for this round of the Cultivate Training Programme! For the sake of brevity we're going to do a whirl-wind tour of the final 2 weeks of the course - so grab yourself a cuppa and a mince pie (since it's Christmas!) and settle yourself down for some sewing, some pretending we're on the TV, and plenty more exciting stuff. 

**Please read right to the bottom of this post for details of how you can get involved in this training course if you're in the Aberdeen area!**

In week 10, the team designed the set for CTPTV (Cultivate Training Programme TeleVision, clever, huh? ;) ), and then took to the small screen to film an analysis of their experiences on the course so far. 

I'm genuinely always impressed at the level of creativity these guys display. Every time they're asked to do something they do it with such enthusiasm and skill, and the finished items are fantastic. I make fun of them for spending so long perfecting their creations but secretly I think all their work throughout the course has been inspiring - each one of them should be really proud. 

I didn't get to do the exciting TV stuff, I was busy typing assessment notes!

After much faffing - ahem, I mean planning -the team finally got themselves in front of the camera to talk about their Cultivate experiences.

They did really, really well, and hopefully I'll get a copy of the finished video for y'all so you can see the final product!

Week 11 was the final week on the course, and as such it was a week of finishing off. Everyone had their noses in their books as we tried to make sure all the outcomes had been completed and written up properly so everyone could get their Award without any hassle.

I also pretty much forgot to take photos because I was busy typing, but here's a few snaps of the guys hard at work!

And that's it! I have a plan to get each of the course candidates to send me a photo of them with their certificates when they receive them, so keep an eye out for that.

All that's left now then is for me to say a big "Well Done!" to the Cultivate team members, you've all been fantastic and got stuck straight in, best of luck with whatever comes next! I'd also personally like to congratulate Fergus and Linsay for delivering the course so well, they've been great at making sure the activities are varied and relevant, and ensuring everyone feels welcome and supported. And finally thank you to Kelly and Mandy who have made it possible for me to be involved and have opened up yet another window of opportunity for me - it is, as always, hugely appreciated!

***There will also be another Cultivate course starting in early January, so if anyone wants to get involved or find out more, contact Mandy Clarke from the Creative Learning team here! ***

So, for the last time for this session - goodbye from all the Cultivate team, and a Merry Christmas too!

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