Saturday, 25 January 2014

Second Week - Handmade Journals 21.1.14

All together on film for the first time!

Welcome back!

We have another jam-packed blog for you this time, as we really put our volunteers through their paces on Tuesday! First off we had a little look at the volunteers' previous voluntary experience, and then we made a definition of what it means to be a volunteer. 


Once we were all singing from the same hymn sheet, Margaret Stewart, who manages the Creative Communities programme, came in to talk to the group about the aims of the CC project, how they as volunteers will be able to be involved, and also how their contribution improves the CC programme. Margaret in particular highlighted how community members who attend Creative Communities pop-up events can get more quality, 1-to-1 time and support when there are extra volunteers there to support the artist. 

Later on we re-enlisted the help of Hatti and Laura from the last course. They came in to lead a session on journal making, a skill which they learned on the last course. We're really glad we inspired Hatti and Laura to continue to volunteer in the creative sector, and it's a solid aim for this round of Cultivate that we help the participants identify their 'next steps' at the end of the course - volunteer opportunities which match their skills and interests.

Well done to Hatti and Laura - you did a great job!

Next week we'll be looking at our skills and qualities, and will hopefully have not one but two special guest speakers, as well as (of course!) a great new practical activity to try out. 

Look forward to seeing you all then - and Cultivate guys, remember to comment below!


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