Saturday, 1 February 2014

Third Week - Pyromania 28.1.14

Hey folks! Welcome back!

As promised we had two special guests at Cultivate HQ this week. First up we had Cate Garrow from Aberdeen's volunteer centre, coming to talk to the guys about different volunteering opportunities throughout the city.

The volunteers were filled with ideas and excited about all the opportunities available to them - I just hope they don't run away too soon because we're not finished with them yet! We'd also like to say a big 'thanks' to Cate - you were fabulous and very inspiring!

After that, our second guest star, Monica, returned so the team could help her prep for their next volunteer event - the Family Event in Seaton.

The event includes the chance to try out pyrography, so our volunteers got to have a go themselves! They also prepped paper hearts and other 'love'-ly activities, which will all make the Family Event go much more smoothly.

The lovely Almas, drawing out her design!

Our newest recruit - Sam! Welcome to the team Sam!

And the finished article!

There will very shortly be another blog post on the Family Event itself, so keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, check out Monica's blog to see how things are going, or search the hashtag #seatonsmile on Facebook or Twitter.

Bye for now!


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