Monday, 24 February 2014

Fifth Week - Preparing for Woodside 11.2.14

In week 5 the team looked more closely at different types of organisations that involve volunteers, and thought about the different roles a volunteer might perform within these organisations.

We learnt that voluntary, statutory and private companies all involve volunteers in their work, and we created a definition of each type of organisation by group discussion.

Each group member then had the chance to add their own thoughts to the 'big sheet' for future reference, and to present their findings about VIOs and volunteer roles in their handmade journals.

Later, the group turned to focus on preparing for the Woodside pop up event. Lead Artist Kevin and Creative Communities head honcho, Margaret, had given the team the go ahead to run their own activities at the pop up, which would run alongside Kevin's main activity. They agreed to adapt the active listening activity from the previous week, as they felt this was a good way of leading participants into the main clay making activity. They decided on drawing and printing activities too, which would also help participants get their juices flowing before they came to designing clay. The team then spent the afternoon collecting and organising materials, ready for the following Saturday.

The team discuss possible activities
Alice looked out lots of patterned wall papers which can be used for printing onto clay

Nicole and Jade found the printing supplies
And these guys prepared the collaging/drawing activity

This week we also asked the team what they felt they'd learnt so far on the course. Here's a cloud of key words from their answers:

Cool trick huh?! See you next week :) 

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