Monday, 24 February 2014

Sixth Week - Our Volunteer Experiences 18.2.14

Welcome back!

Week 6 has been a week of finishing off and catching up for our Cultivatees. We tied up some loose ends regarding VIOs and volunteer roles, and we also spent some time reflecting on our volunteer experience so far.

All of the volunteers have now had at least one 'live' volunteer experience - either at one of the Creative Communities events, like this one, or at the Spectra Parade. As part of their qualification they will have to think about a number of reflective questions about their experiences of volunteering, and then answer them for their portfolios.

Anne and Almas put thoughts to paper about their volunteering experiences

Ok, I admit, I was deliberately annoying Nicole with the camera ;)

Now that the group have had a chance to think about what they've learnt, what they've enjoyed and what they feel they could improve on, they're in the perfect position to develop their skills even further at one of the next volunteering events, happening March 1st and March 15th.

We also asked the Cultivate team to think about ways in which the course had made an impact on them, and how it had informed their future volunteering goals. Some of their ideas and thoughts are pictured below.

Each Cultivatee is going from strength to strength, and has already done a lot of volunteering - and we're only half way through the course! From this point on they will begin to take on more responsibility in their volunteer roles, and will also have to do a lot of thinking about their own skills and motivations, and also about what comes next. 

Next week is "making week," where the team will get stuck in and hands on to prepare for the next Creative Communities family event, see you then!

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