Saturday, 1 February 2014

Special Post - Seaton Family Event 1.2.14

Hello! I told you we'd be back very soon!

We have a special blog today, full of lovely pictures right from the front lines! Today was the Seaton Family Event - a chance for all those families who've been involved in the Creative Communities project in Seaton over the last two weeks to come along and do even more art. Our volunteers were out in force to support the community and to build their own skills, and what a job they did! Check the photos below for an idea of the activities on offer, and to see our fantastic volunteers get their hands dirty.

Jade fills our heart.

Happy thoughts :)

Sarah spent ages working her artistic voluntary magic on this family. Well done Sarah!

Sam and Alice get stuck in too!

Almas teaching Linsay the art of tiny origami hearts

Anne leading some participants in the pyrography. Go you Anne!

Plenty o' punters!

One happy family!
And finally, here's a picture of the team's pyrography in action - making #seatonsmile !

I looooooove it!
See you all next week!

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