Sunday, 9 February 2014

Fourth Week - The Map Activity 4.2.14

Welcome back :)

This week the Cultivatees were introduced to the next part of the Creative Communities programme, which will be in the community of  Woodside and led by ceramicist Kevin Andew Morris

Kevin came in to talk to the group about this ideas for the project, and about the Woodside pop up event which will be on February 15th. He explained that his main focus will be on helping the community make clay tiles, and that the volunteers would be welcome to support him to do this. Excitingly, this pop up event there is also the chance for the Cultivate group to design and deliver their own activities, which will run alongside Kevin's and give the community a better quality experience as well as giving our trainees valuable artistic and voluntary experience.

An example of one of the activities Kevin suggests using - it's called active listening and involves having to pay very close attention to your partner and then depicting what they've just told you!

Week 4 was also the first 'assessment' week, and Mandy came in to talk to the group about how this would work. The assessors will be coming in at regular intervals throughout teaching, to look at candidate's portfolios and tick off any outcomes they've achieved. It sounds a bit formal and scary, but to avoid making this too stressful we cracked open some biscuits!

There's never a dull moment with Cultivate, so while the assessors did their thing the group began to find out about different types of Volunteer Involving Organisations - or VIOs as they're known in the industry. They were introduced to each of the three different types of VIO, and then did the infamous Cultivate Mapping Activity.

Nicole tries to work out where her label belongs.

Anne was full of ideas and Jade got stuck right in!

Sarah looks confident!

Alice and Sam are getting the hang of it

Linsay explains using her usual teaching techniques of silly voices and odd gestures ;)

And the map begins to fill up full of all different kinds of VIOs!

We were missing a few faces this week due to other commitments, but our group of younger ladies were present at a rather special event which also happened this week. Spectra, Aberdeen's first Festival of Light, has been happening throughout the city over the last few days, and the girls all volunteered to help with the Reclaim The Night parade. There were some very stressful balloon-related troubles, but I heard the girls all performed amazingly, and we are very proud of them! Pics to follow as soon as I can find some and well done girls!!

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