Friday, 2 May 2014

MAKE aberdeen


Welcome to our final Cultivate blog for the foreseeable future! There will most likely be another Cultivate course happening, but not until September, so this is the last installment for the current year. 

As a celebration of all the hard work the participants have put in, for our last session we headed to MAKE aberdeen for some 3D fun. Please do check out the MAKE website linked above, the project is really cool but it needs support to become a permanent feature in the cultural opportunities of Aberdeen, so if you have a creative streak then pop along and see them!

The Cultivate guys all got to design and produce artworks of their own style. Have a look at the photos below to see the kinds of things they were able to do with the 4 hour session. 

They look lovely! Big well done to all the Cultivatees on both this programme and the last, you've all been superb and have hopefully gotten a lot from the course.

We should be back in September, so until then, keep volunteering and more importantly - keep making!!

TC x

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