Friday, 2 May 2014

Weeks 9-12


As you may have noticed, we've been absent for a bit! That's because we've been so busy there's been no time to keep you all updated.

Here are a selection of highlights from the last few weeks, to show you how we finished the last of the coursework and earned each Cultivatee their qualification.

1. Bunting

We made bunting to describe the impact of the course on each volunteer and their experiences of the course.

2. Margaret Stewart came in to talk about the Kiln Firing event, and to show the participants a risk assessment and other bits and bobs, to give further insight into organising creative events.

3. Course Work

Aye, we did some of that too!

4. Creative Communities Celebration Event

We attended a celebration event to commemorate all the work that's been happening in Aberdeen's communities over the last year.

There were freebies!

The cake was very large...

These are the cutest wee things you ever did see!
 5. Anne and Almas lead activities

Anne and Almas gave us a masterclass in jewellery making and Easter egg holder making.

Anne's activity:

6. Nicole's 18th

Happy Biiiirthdayyy tooo youuuu!

The course has officially come to an end now - so if you know a Cultivatee, take her out for a cuppa and a slice of cake! She deserves it!

Thanks for reading :)

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