Saturday, 9 November 2013

Week 7 - Needles and Saws

This week our team of trainees spent some more time prepping for the Creative Communities programme. The next volunteer opportunity will be the "end event" in Torry on Saturday 16th November.

Some sketches done by Creative Communities participants using the Camera Obscura
With loads of stuff to be done in order to make the event run smoothly, each Cultivate member had plenty to do. Liz and Barney helped repair and strengthen the camera obscura itself. 

 Liz put her needle and thread skills to good use making the cloak for the top of the device.

 While Barney channeled his inner Tommy Walsh to help Fergus with the power tools.

Chuckle Brothers!

Meanwhile, Hatti was made Chief Scanner, backing up all the images the CC participants have made already.

And Laura gathered and prepared materials for the Google street view activity.

The map so far, brought to life by pictures done by participants which show a place in Torry that means a lot to them.

Of course, although the trainees are here to learn and benefit from all this hard labour, the Creative Learning team would like to thank the volunteers for their continued enthusiasm and help with the Torry leg of the Creative Communties project. You've all been stars!

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