Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Eighth Week - Bunting 4.3.14


A quick post for you this week as the whole of the morning session of week 8 was spent doing lots of lovely chubbly assessment stuff!

Folders at the ready!

As I mentioned in the last post, the assessors were in this week to look at the candidate's portfolios. This meant that we spent the better part of the morning making sure everything was ship-shape and ready to go, which, exciting as it was, doesn't make for very good photographs! So instead I'll skip straight to the afternoon, where we started work on something a bit more interesting ;)

Most of our readers will know how we here at Cultivate like to try and keep things creative. With that in mind, we challenged the team to sew us up some bunting which we could display at the final volunteer event - the outside kiln firing with Kevin for the Creative Communities programme. But, of course, this was no ordinary bunting, as in true Cultivate style the words and images on the bunting had to represent the volunteers' experience so far -their tasks, their level of participation, and the impact they felt they had made.

As usual, all the work done was first class. It's not quite all finished yet but here's some photos to help you get an idea.

Nicole's Positive Message

Almas's starts to take shape

Almas is nearly finished!

Nicole's also making good progress!
Sarah's getting to the heart of the task!
Pretty flower, just for fun!

Watch out for next week's post, where we'll be investigating how each of our team answered and how they chose to sum up their volunteer experience. What will they have taken from the course? What has meant the most to them? Maybe one or two of them will comment below to tell us and in doing so contribute to one of the outcomes on the course? [hint hint!!]

Let's hope so. I leave you with this rather wonderful picture of all the week 8 participants. What a photogenic bunch!

This was honestly the closest I could get to "everybody smile!"

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