Monday, 3 March 2014

Seventh Week - Making Week 25.2.14

Hello again!

This week the volunteers got some experience of volunteering behind the scenes of one of our Creative Communities events. Lead by Sarah, Almas and Alice, all of whom were at the last Woodside event, the team designed and prepared activities to run alongside tile making at the family event.

Sarah sorts through materials

Anne helps

And Almas too!

Some of us prefer to play with giant pencils ;)

Kierah makes sure all the stamps are working. A hard job!

Ashleigh is Square Cutting Queen!

Yep, that's right. STILL stamping!

We're not messy...

In the end the volunteers decided to use all that stamping to good effect by making a prompt to hang on the wall at the event.

Vicky and Nicole cut out lots of foam shapes for printing

Ashleigh and Linsay designed this box which is for storing tiles, since at the last event they realised there was no room and no place to keep the wet clay tiles safe.

Sarah also cut foam shapes

Sarah and Almas used their checklist to make sure we had all the equipment and materials we might need

Everyone's working hard!

Some foam shapes

Some of the volunteers who were at the first Woodside event got the chance to work on their leadership skills, by demonstrating for the rest of the group how to do each activity and then leading them through it.

Sarah explains to the rest of the group how to do the collages with families, since she's an expert after the pop up event!

The team make collages of their own

Here are some of the finished articles!

I annoy Nicole some more

Nicole gets her revenge!

Anne also lead an activity, this time printing. She first demonstrated the activity, then helped the rest of the group get to grips with it.

Ta da!

And again, the volunteers had a go too!

Vicky's first up!

Almas and Sarah have a go too

And here's how they look when they're done!

You can see how the volunteers coped on the day itself by clicking here.

Bye for now!

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