Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Outisde In - Kiln Firing 15.3.14


Here are a tonne of pictures from the Creative Communities Kiln Firing event last Saturday (15th March). The event, titled "Outside In," was run as a partnership between the Creative Learning Team (us!) and Arts Across Learning, and involved a riverside walk with Storyteller Grace Banks as well as an outside kiln firing lead by artist Kevin Andrew Morris. Three of our expert volunteers were there to help - Almas, Nicole, and Anne, and each were able to use their experience to make the event run as smoothly and successfully as possible!

Nicole and Anne helped set up the kiln.

 While Linsay and some helpers displayed the bunting.

Linsay displays our bunting (See blog week 8)

Then we had to prepare for fire.

And do some art!


Then more fire!

Anne speaks to a Cultivate veteran, Fergus! Fergus tutored on the last Cultivate course.

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