Sunday, 2 March 2014

Woodside Family Event 1.3.14


Today I bring you pictures from the Woodside Family Event, where the Cultivatees were once again rushed off their feet trying to keep up with demand!

Clay + Ink = Baby wipes everywhere

Anne setting up the printing table

Almas displays the clay creations made so far in Woodside

Before we'd even really managed to set up the families started to arrive!

But we don't mind, and we got stuck right in ;)

Alice and her young friend play with stamps

Anne explains collaging

Jade helps with the clay work

Nicole and I play with cameras

But then she does loads of fabulous work helping these young girls

Happy Participants

The instruction sheets the team made on Tuesday - forward planning in case they are too busy to make sure everyone knows what to do!

Alice got a shotty too!
The full team

I managed to get a very quick chat with Alice on the day, who told me how much she'd enjoyed herself.

Right on cue we were interrupted here by a young girl who had already done some stamping and come back for more. "I want to do another one." She told Alice. :D

Alice also told me she felt good because she'd made an impact on the people she'd worked with, and that she was happy she was able to pass on her skills, which was one of her goals for the course. 

Well done Alice, and all the other volunteers too - once again you've all been wonderful. We have only one more 'live' volunteering session to go, on the 15th March, which is the last Woodside event. It's also assessment time in the Cultivate camp this week, so wish us luck!

Cultivate guys - remember to comment below with any thoughts you have about how you felt on the day, what tasks you did, what your role was, etc. Why don't you also share the blog with your friends and family so they can see all the cool things you've been up to?

Bye for now!

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